Why the ancient Romans decided to call it ambrosia, that is, gift of the gods,  is one of those mysteries that cries out  to heaven for explanation. ( Log Out /  B list (noxious weeds) Delaware. Since the plants produce huge amounts of seed, enough would fall to the ground to grow a crop the next year. giant ragweed. But because of my allergies, I avoid it until I absolutely have to. great ragweed. It works by targeting an enzyme that is essential to plant growth. You don't want to sleep in pollen-crusted sheets...ewwww! I am just a local home owner with a small plot of land. I defy John Deere to build a harvester that could thresh its way through a really good stand of the stuff. It’s all great in salads, nutritious, and provides free cover and organic matter – and re-seeds itself. Just turn farm animals in and let them have at it. Pennington UltraGreen Weed & Feed 30-0-4 kills ragweed and more than 250 other weeds while nourishing your lawn with nitrogen and iron. There's evidence that Native Americans actually planted it and harvested the seeds. © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands I thought sure they would be bitter. After dispersal, rodents (e.g. I have very tall plants(5-8 ft) growing out in the alley behind my yard. I did not make it to the meeting and just as well because what I would have said would probably not have set well with corn and soybean farmers. Many gardeners resort to chemical control, however this is such a tough and hardy weed that many commercial herbicides have little or no effect on it. The best time to achieve herbicid… This would have been an important food source for both human and wildlife during long winters. Thank you for your article. Usually I go out and chop them down about once a month or so. Now, he says, “Guys on Arkansas quail plantations are putting ragweed back along the edges and leaving it alone. Unlike some weed controls that only kill plant parts above ground, this premium weed & feed starts working on contact to kill all the plant, from tip to root. If you have never been frightened by a weed other than maybe poison ivy, you have not yet faced a battalion of giant ragweeds (Ambrosia trifida) advancing resolutely across your farm. One of my does will even turn up her nose to a handful of freshly picked grass. Figure 1. It is an ongoing few months of misery until frost kills the offending plants. Back to the top They can grow to a height of 15 feet or more and in a stand so solid as to stop a 200 horsepower corn harvester dead in its tracks. I fed some to the chickens while they were penned in the coop. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] They start to bloom in late July/early August and they wreck havoc among allergy sufferers for months. Giant ragweed is difficult to control because of the speed at which it grows and the height the plant reaches. Most ragweed plants grow 1 to 5 feet tall depending on species Stems are erect and branch toward the top; stems are blue green and covered with fine hairs. The plant with the worst reputation and least guilt is usually goldenrod. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Once the plants are mature, they are dug and burned in an environmentally safe way, (never composted, that just puts the toxins back in the soil) so there are a few redeeming qualities to this autumn pest. I haven’t thought of feeding it to the chickens. I would like to plant a stand of giant ragweed but I cannot find a source for seed. The Weed Zapper is basically a copper bar that has voltage on it. For some reason, the human body has an extreme dislike for ragweed pollen. I wonder if people who are allergic to ragweed could eat the seeds without a reaction. The crushed leaves are astringent, so that makes them effective in treating bug bites and rashes. Even cucumbers will grab on and climb them. I use the stalksafter drying for many things. Ragweed has exploded in some pastures in recent years. Your back will thank you. Info says seeds are 47% protein, any idea of protein in leaves? As autumn approaches, a number of plants get blamed for the symptoms caused by ragweed. I don’t know of any sources myself, but I think Quail Restoration.com cited in the post would be a good place to start. You can break off the stem and it will regenerate. Modern science has also discovered that ragweed can help remove toxic heavy metals like lead from the soil. It is a weed that prefers disturbed areas and often grows in great masses in abandoned lots and at the borders of agricultural areas. Like other large-seeded broadleaf weeds, it is hard to manage as its seeds germinate deep within the soil profile, shielded from herbicide applications. Yes, you can eat ragweed and it is actually good for you. As for turf and ornamental areas, BroadStar herbicide, Playload herbicide and SureGuard herbicide work well for those areas. Sounds like something for humans, too. It has been included on these lists because of its ability to crowd out native plants and because of its potential human health hazard. of their hard coat, the seeds of Giant Ragweed are less attractive to birds than the seeds of Common Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia). The 15 ft. ones are good for that. If you're hoeing, make sure you chop it at or below soil level; even here it seems like there's a chance that an established plant can regrow. I pray for frost to kill it And where we live it doesn’t freeze sometimes until December or January ! Image Credit: MissouriPlants.com Giant ragweed populations vary in their response to glyphosate, from being fairly sensitive still to having a low level of resistance to fully resistant. giant ragweed. I come from a long line of Kentuckians who love the Good Earth. That's why the recommended treatments for allergies are called anti-histamines...they block histamine-producing biochemical reactions that your body activates when allergies go into overload. That being said, there are a few herbicides like Cobra herbicides, Fierce herbicide, and Gangster herbicides that have been shown to control Giant Ragweed in agricultural crops. Cutting them to the ground simply acts as a pruning and they come back bigger and bushier the next time. After spending a long time watching my sheep and reading through the scientific literature, I finally found some clues,  the kind that so often  leads me to wonder if farmers shouldn’t just take a deep breath, step back, and consider the possibility that they are going in the wrong direction. ~Gene and Carol Logsdon. Plants like ragweed, ironweed, goldenrod, and vervain have become a common sight. (Giant ragweed is native to America.) OrganicToBe.org | OrganicToGo.com • Giant ragweed quickly grows above crops to compete for sunlight and create a dense canopy with its 4- to 8-inch-wide leaves. I have the stuff growing all over my property, but I can’t touch it. They seem to have quit about 600 years ago and so far anthropologists don’t know why. The main active ingredient in Roundup® Weed and Grass Killer products is glyphosate. Instead, they tasted sort of like wheat bran. Giant ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) is a member of the sunflower family, but people who aren't botanists will be hard-pressed to find many similarities between this weed and the bright flowers that produce sunflower seeds.Giant ragweed is categorized as a broadleaf weed for its flat and relatively broad leaves. Noxious weed Illinois. I am very interested in whether or not the leaves are edible for humans? My little goats love both sizes of ragweed. Maybe the high protien is what’s missing. The plants can help clear up industrial waste and improve the soil. giant ragweed. I was not too surprised that she already knew what I had just learned. If quail and pheasants proliferate on giant ragweed, so would chickens it seems to me, as well as sheep. This means mowing won't kill it, unless you're mowing frequently enough to starve the roots. Noxious weed 1. Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is on the federal and Ohio noxious weed lists making it unlawful to propagate, sell or transport. Giant Ragweed. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. with proper herbicide management, can reduce giant ragweed populations. You can prevent ragweed with regular lawn maintenance practices like fertilizing your lawn and mowing on a regular basis. MY BACK YARD HAS TUNNELS FROM THE DOGS THROUGH THE GIANT RAGWEED…IT GROWS 20 FT..AND STALKS THE SIZE OF YOUR ARMS…THE GOATS LOVE IT…I CUT PATHS IN THE BACK YARD WITH A MACHETE…FEED THE GOATS…THE WILD LIFE IS AWESOME..THE RAGWEED SEEDS.. AND WE DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT YEAR…I HAVE HAD A HELICOPTER OR 2 HOVER OVER MY HOUSE BEFORE..LOL…BUT I GUESS IT DOESNT GIVE THAT KIND OF HEAT SOURCE…. Most ragweeds are in the Ambrosia genus and the two that cause the most trouble in my southeastern US area are Ambrosia artemisiifolia, common ragweed and Ambrosia trifida, great ragweed. It is one of the worst allergens and is the cause of much misery from August until the first frost. I plan to harvest some this year for my own consumption. ( Log Out /  Herbicides are a common way how to kill ragweed. I have 12 acres planted to soybeans that is now being overtaken by Giant Ragweeds…..I also have sheep…..i think this is a no brainer for me.. Spray ragweeds with a broadleaf weed killer. • Giant Ragweed • An erect summer annual that can reach six … Giant Ragweed is a native plant but is can be an ... hey guys in this video we will take a look at Giant Ragweed and how to control it in your property or farm. And what is the corn and soybean farmer’s second worse dream? But is that really a problem? (Even Thoreau wondered and decided it was because of the golden color of the seeds.) The thin ones are great tomato supports along with pepper, eggplant and squash plants. How can anyone like ragweed and why would you ever SMELL it! Welcome to ragweed season! … Might the old herbalists have known that the seeds really are a high protein food or a good medicine, and not just for birds? Probably ’cause the goats have eaten it all this year. Very interesting. The seeds of Giant Ragweed are also eaten by the House Mouse, White-footed Mouse, and Deer Mouse Ragweed is considered a broadleaf weed, so you can use broadleaf weed killers on it to help get rid of it. Gene and Carol Logsdon have a small-scale experimental farm in Wyandot County, Ohio. Out of curiosity, I ate a handful of giant ragweed seeds. Change ), Small is beautiful when small is skilled and dedicated. They are whats been making me so miserable since I moved here 4 years ago. Common ragweed grows up to 3 feet tall, while giant ragweed reaches 3 to 12 feet. Gene Logdon. Gene is author ofThe Mother of All Arts: Agrarianism and the Creative Impulse (Culture of the Land), 17 Comments. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Fats are an important part of any diet and early peoples had scant resources for obtaining them. The herbicides usually present more of a threat to the environment than to the ragweed. It is the sneaky ragweed that creeps into everything and starts the misery. You make a good case for production of giant ragweed. Why the ancient Romans decided to call it ambrosia, that is, gift of the gods, is one of those mysteries that cries out to heaven for explanation. The seeds of giant ragweed are  47% crude protein. At the first sniff, the body starts producing antibodies, which makes your system flood histamines into the bloodstream. It produces good cover because it … However, recent research has shown that giant ragweed emergence in several Midwestern production fields can start in March and continue into June and sometimes into late-July, making this weed a management challenge because of its multiple emergence times. (Slower speed, extra pass) The Weed Zapper is non-selective in killing plants. They nurtured it some 2000 years ago. Smooth, deeply lobed leaves; leaves are opposite low on the stem but alternate higher up on the plant. Ragweed greens are preferred summer deer browse. Well stupid me! No matter what escaped weeds you’re dealing with, preventing seed production should be the primary concern. Has anyone found a reliable source for seed, or would be willing to send me some seed? There can be a benefit to adding fomesafen or Cobra for control of large ragweed, especially if the field will definitely not be treated again. Pheasants eat it. I just found out that those plants are Giant Ragweed. The make good walking sticks if they are thick enough. Central Phoenix -- I have an Aloe Christmas Carol, ... read more, I just found one upside down on our patio and put him ... read more, Flocks to the suet feeder along with the dozen or so ... read more. Giant ragweed has a different size and leaf shape than common ragweed. “Over 200 types of weeds and grasses.” … I wonder if that is why they lose interest in eating domestic grains in the summer time. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com, Top 10 List of Weeds That You are Most Likely to Find in your Yard and Garden, Weeds or Wildflowers, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Seems to me on a garden farm at least, if giant ragweed won’t come to Mohamed then Mohamed should come to giant ragweed. Leave the goldenrod be, it isn't your enemy. [Permanent Link][Top]. I love to learn about every living thing, and love to share what I've learned. These are some of the earliest plants to eat in the spring. That is very, very high, much higher than any cultivated grain. And it provides sustenance for a legion of wintering songbirds. While we despise it and seek to destroy it, ragweed was once an important part of early foodways, so as you're chopping it back, remember that it was once a useful plant and may be again in the future if disaster strikes. Barring something on the order of a helicopter equipped with a vacuum sweeper, this “grain” would have to be harvested manually. Anyone have a way to kill a stand of giant ragweed growing in a drainage ditch? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If plant genes survive by “adapting,” why shouldn’t we? Primitive Americans must have known something we don’t about giant ragweed. Hikers could file this information in case they are caught on the trail and need something to soothe a bite or sting. It is an annual plant, meaning it completes its entire life cycle in one growing season. I, too, let the edible weeds like lamb’s quarters and purslane grow in my garden. She will hold out for giant ragweed instead. I emailed Dr. Deborah Stinner, a scientist at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center at Wooster, who works with organic grain farmers. This is all well and good, however ragweed pollen is so light and fluffy that it can travel great distances. The Minimum Tools for Small-Time Garden Farming, Organic Garden and Small Farm Skills – Hoemanship, The Mother of All Arts: Agrarianism and the Creative Impulse (Culture of the Land), The Last of the Husbandmen: A Novel of Farming Life, All Flesh Is Grass: Pleasures & Promises Of Pasture Farming, Archive: Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer. Depending on your location, Giant Ragweed can be resistant to glyphosate (WSSA group 9) or chlorimuron, cloransulam, imazethapyr and other WSSA group 2 herbicides. ( Log Out /  But maybe I can do some good. I’m allergic to it, I guess I need some sheep. • Common Ragweed • An erect, branching summer annual. This stuff gets everywhere and even your pets can bring the pollen in the house. That’s what I would have suggested at the meeting after making sure there were no rotten tomatoes available to throw at me. I raise rabbits, and I have found that they really like giant ragweed leaves. I would like to plant it and see if I can bring some local wild life back. Read articles about: History, Invasives And Weeds. It is possible to use just a high rate of glyphosate in fields where the giant ragweed has not lost sensitivity. No mechanical planter, harvester or tanker truck of fuel would be necessary. My chickens are not keeping it controlled. See also Gene’s Organic Garden and Small Farm Skills – Hoemanship Gene’s Posts Perhaps we are looking at the ultimate irony of over-civilized humankind. A general herbicide, such as the widely used glyphosate, will also kill ragweeds. Media Kit | I think I’ll get some and give it to my chickens. Many gardeners work hard to eliminate ragweed plants from their property edges and surrounding areas. They grow very quickly into impressive weeds and the woody stems are hard to chop at that point. Figure 2. About | It sure doesn’t stop marijuana growers. Plant-based fats were almost unheard of, so ragweed oil was definitely anticipated and harvested each season. Mission | They love giant ragweed. In my gardens, I’ve given up the fight against lambs quarter, pigweed, chickweed, dandelions, etc. (You can find all this and more at QuailRestoration.com on the Internet.) [ Home | Don't blame it for your woes, goldenrod's pollen isn't airborne, only insects can spread the heavy goldenrod pollen and it is an important food source for pollen-foraging insects like our fragile honeybees. If you have some or know where I can purchase, please email me — mwarren50@gmail.com. However, the Mallard duck and Greater Prairie Chicken eat the seeds to some extent (Havera, 1999; Yeatter, 1943). Effective control of giant ragweed has relied heavily on the use of herbicides. They are starving. Also, launder all gardening clothes immediately and don't shake them in the house to prevent the spread of the lightweight pollen. mmmmmm……interesting. There’s a video somewhere on youtube. What’s more, these seeds, which the plant produces in prodigious amounts, provide, in the words of Roger Wells, a certified wildlife biologist and national habitat coordinator for Quails Unlimited, “the highest amount of metabolizable calories, more even that corn, soybeans, wheat, or any other grain that we know.” What that means is that the seeds are very digestible. With good grazing, some spraying, and timely shredding it can be done. Take a damp towel and wipe down the fur of your dog or cat after they have been outdoors and don't forget to toss that in the laundry as well. Photos and Pictures . Interestingly, while they will nibble on common ragweed, they don’t like it nearly as well. The Last of the Husbandmen: A Novel of Farming Life, and All Flesh Is Grass: Pleasures & Promises Of Pasture Farming I know that cows and horses eat it. Advertise | A nutritious oil was also produced by crushing the seeds, boiling them in water and skimming the resulting oil from the top. Maybe I can find one stalk they haven’t eaten and try it too. Quail or pheasants, in a good stand of giant ragweed will double and triple in population. The seeds have an amazing percentage of crude protein (47%) and rivals corn, wheat and soybean in usable calories. • Pollen from this plant is most common cause of hay fever. We will be using it for an academic study. In our Weed Ecology class we learned that Giant Ragweed is increasing in no-till systems…. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It is a weed that prefers disturbed areas and often grows in great masses in abandoned lots and at the borders of agricultural areas. Young ragweed plants should be eliminated as soon as they sprout. I wish I still had my rabbits and chickens so I could feed my giant ragweed to them. “You should come to our meeting tomorrow on this subject,” she emailed back. At first they were indifferent, but when I came back an hour later, they had cleaned up all the seeds and foliage I had offered them. But, seriously,  is not giant ragweed worth more scrutiny? In one study, 90% of giant ragweed seeds were removed by rodents and invertebrates in on year's time when left on the soil surface. If anyone need seeds I have plenty. Here I have been feeding high priced protein supplement to them when they are probably getting all they need from the ragweed growing around the coop. I loved this article. What an irony. wherever they don’t interfere with seed germination. Interesting enough, ragweed was also part of the early herbal pharmacy. field mice), earthworms, and insects inclusding carabid beetles eat giant ragweed seed that is lying on the soil surface. Please contact Mary Korth at mkorth@pheasantsforever.org or 308-428-3062 to place a new order for Giant Ragweed Seed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We are trying to kill a plant, an ambrosia, that is actually beneficial. For example, Jugulam has also found that 2,4-D and glyphosate work better at higher temperatures against common and giant ragweed, two other weeds common in US farmers’ fields. Photography is one of my passions, and all of the images in my articles are my own, except where credited. 1 within the corporate limits of cities, villages, and incorporated towns. Never mind, I read a resource in the other comments. In the lexicon of agribusiness, there is no adjective synonymous with ‘vile’ or ‘pernicious’ that has not been used to describe this hated plant of the grain fields. Chemicals certainly would be an option such as 2,4-D amine or Stinger but I am concerned about the effects these chemicals would have on nearby soybeans. According to the Why Crop Farmers Should Use Green Manure for Organic Farming “I’m also working with folks in Illinois who are planting giant ragweed. Since the seed heads stick up above the foliage, this new “grain” with its 47% very digestible crude protein would also stick up above the snow, making possible the great dream of the northern husbandman: year-round grazing. Without herbicides, organic farmers are at the mercy of giant ragweed. giant ragweed. Ragweed ranks among the best and most preferred natural quail foods. A. On top of that, it is a major source of irritation for hay fever sufferers. And giant ragweed, which often grows over 10 feet tall, has the right structure to provide fall and winter loafing areas for both pheasants and quail. Perhaps we should be growing fields of giant ragweed and grazing livestock and chickens on it. To minimize the effects of the pollen, gardeners should remember to shower as soon as they finish gardening activities and even if they haven't been active outdoors, shower before turning into bed for the night. It is probably because, like modern man, they found maize (corn) easier to handle. However, as it gets colder, a little Banvel mixed with 2,4-D will result in a better kill on musk thistle or use curtail before the soil freezes. Do you wake up with red, itchy eyes these days? I can see a problem if a demand for giant ragweed “grain” increased. I don’t think, however, that wasting disease in deer comes from a protein shortage. This is all well and good, however ragweed pollen is so light and fluffy that it can travel great distances. Featured Companies | And quail have come back there. So get them while they are babies. What is going on here? I have a hunch that sheep could explain the mystery if they could talk. Use herbicides to kill ragweeds if other methods prove ineffective. ( Log Out /  Giant hogweed can grow up to 15 feet in height and flowers in late June to early July. • Seedling emergence from various depths also allows giant ragweed to escape many pre-emergence herbicides that exist in the upper soil layers. Now you can actually buy giant ragweed seed by the bag if you want to plant some to increase wildlife on your farm. Do you know where the giant ragweed seed can be purchased? The seed leaves of giant ragweed grow more than 1 inch in length. Quail love to get in that, along with deer. A ditch bank mower would be ideal but I can not justify that expense and know of nobody around my area who has one. It takes time, and a well-planned approach such as described here to control ragweed in pastures. Contact Us | the reason is increased worms… they LOVE ragweed seeds. The first true leaves are not deeply indented. I’m sure the bees are enjoying it. For all of its unfriendly habits, ragweed is surprisingly edible. Trouble is, I can’t keep up with it in the kitchen. As long as nothing is touching the bar, nothing happens. Do you have any sources to buying grain? And now on the horizon looms the worst dream of the grain farmer: Giant ragweed is becoming immune to herbicides, particularly glyphosate, the active ingredient of RoundUp. Why did the ancient Romans give ragweed the name, ambrosia? Great perspective. They can overtake a field of knee high corn that has not been sprayed with the proper herbicide and literally choke it to death. I agree, just wish I could find Giant Ragweed Seeds, very difficult. Are you in a constant state of sniffles and sneezes?