It would be redundant since the paint is gloss already. Clean off the sanding residue. I’ve never used the wax finish before. I want to paint an old chest that is terribly scratched on the top. Fiddes and Sons Supreme Clear Wax – This is a medium priced wax. This causes streakiness. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Last night we applied our first layer of clear wax, followed by the second layer this morning. The buffed wax makes a piece look like the piece has a smooth factory finish. (not high touch area) ( I will leave plenty of time to dry) I really liked it. I am going to apply another layer of paint – not sure if the finish choice matters at this point? :-(, I was upset with myself for not testing a “new-to-me” product out first on a piece of scrap wood before using it on a big piece of furniture. Because of location of cabinet etc. Miss Mustard Seed Clear Wax – A nice soft wax that is easy to buff. Any suggestions? You can see how I did that here: You need to choose the best paint for furniture for the best long term results. Thanks!! The best thing about this metallic furniture paint top coat is that it is exactly that – a top coat! I have used these on a few pieces. I have 2 very specific questions: If yes, great. That takes 2-3 coats to get a smooth finish. The reason email is required is to make sure the comment is authentic. :-) Polycrylic is a water-based poly, it will not yellow over time. I like that your opinions are experience based and you back them up with pictures to show how beautifully it works out. Your question was perfectly timed. Try the KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Interior Clear Wood Finish, one of the best wood finishing topcoats available for furniture. Hi Diane. I think you might have cleared that up but I couldn’t quite figure out which would be best. I think I would use a satin finish poly, not a gloss though. I used in on the sideboard I painted turquoise. Of course you can wax the top of your chest and poly the sides. It is just the way my brain is wired. Waxes are applied with a rag or brush and must be buffed; poly top coats are brushed on and allowed to dry and cure. Find the best designs for 2020 and get inspiration to keep you busy! Minwax Polycrylic – Is the best water-based poly to use to seal painted furniture. The first few pieces of painted furniture I did, I had no idea what a topcoat was or that I was supposed to use them to seal and protect furniture. Hope you have a great weekend, too. If you have to touch up poly, they you will see the fix. Gel finish. Once your final coat of sealer is dry, you can begin using your painted furniture, but be extra gentle with it for the first several weeks. If you want more protection, simply add another light layer of wax over the surface and buff again. googletag.enableServices(); I can attest to this… it does. The clear coat should be usable on all kinds of products and surfaces, should be the quick-drying product, should last longer, and provide a glossy and clean look. If not applied correctly, they tend to dry improperly and become tacky. What Type of Paint to Use for Outdoor Wicker Sets? You can't do better than clear polyurethane when you need a protective coating for painted furniture. I have used this brand more than any of the others. Thanks – it is good to know that you found the post helpful :-) Since I have been writing about the topic for years and there are hundreds of other blogs and websites that post about furniture painting, it is hard to know what is helpful for readers. Kilz Sealing Clear Wax – I have only used this once so far on this night table. It is sold in different sheens and also in a spray. I then sealed the desk with my “go-to” sealing method on painted furniture which is soft wax that is buffed with a soft cloth to a subtle sheen. Hi Geraldine – Thank you for taking the time to tell me about no confirmation after signing up for my email came to your email. Aug 6, 2019 - Don’t allow your furniture to be ruined by the normal wear & tear of everyday life! Painted accent pieces can add charming touches for your home but can be less than charming if painted incorrectly. I’m in a bind and wondering if you have any advice. This clear coat helps in covering all the pores in your furniture and works perfectly to smoothen out the surface of the wood. Since Mod Podge is a sealer, adding another sealer over it may not take. BTW, the paint guy recommended a faster drying poly which I used and had to sand off because it dried much too quickly for a long tabletop. I tell you I’m full of them. It has its own little sheen and often doesn’t need an additional top coat. Thank you for answering my questions in such detail. And since it’s not a wax could I put a coat of the Polycrylic over the Dixie Belle clear coat? I don’t recommend polyurethane for painted furniture, because it tends to yellow the paint over time. The cubbies and shelves have a painted wood back so lots of corners and tight spaces to buff. It will help me pinpoint the problem. the chest has been stained and ‘varnished’ MANY years ago. General Finishes is a more durable finish but in many cases, it needs a primer. Poly seems like the easier method, but once you get the hang of using wax – you realize it is so easy to apply and buff. A coat of poly can make your painted furniture look as good as new for a long time. Wipe off excess water, let dry and then you can use any paint over the surface. If a polyurethane coat is applied over painted furniture, the paint will be thoroughly protected from scratches, dings and wear. I would hate for someone to think they are a failure at furniture painting and sealing when the problem is just a challenging product. Polycrylic also comes in a spray can. I have just painted a built in wall cabinet with a semi gloss latex paint and am concerned it will chip when used for books and office supplies. You can’t go wrong with Polycrylic. I sanded & painted (2 coats) a dresser and nightstand and all 14 drawers. You still should not put wet glasses on the surface as the poly can get damaged also. I recently finished one of the last two DIY projects in my master bedroom makeover. There is polycrylic, polyurethane, top coats made specifically for chalk-type paints, furniture wax, liquid waxes, heck there are even spray on versions of top coats. I would go over the clearcoat with 220 grit sandpaper to rough it up slightly – clean it off and then apply a thin coat of Polycrylic. Both wax and poly are durable. I will give them a couple of days to fully dry. A fresh coat of paint can give almost any wooden piece, such as furniture, cabinets or room trim, a much needed face-lift. Water-based polyurethane is suited for … Filed Under: Furniture Makeovers, Furniture Painting Tips. It originally was a cherry wood and had the ‘red’ color look for the seat. Let dry for 48 hours, then use Polycrylic in the sheen you want to seal it. The blue desk is stunning and looks truly professionally done. The best finishes effectively perform this function and last a long time, while also enhancing the beauty of the furniture. I find that in terms of durability, Polyvine Clear Wax Finish Varnish is my preferred choice. And the Ready Seal 112 Exterior Stain and Sealer is the very first recommendation in our best sealer for painted outdoor wood furniture reviews. Another thing many think you need when you are waxing to seal a piece of painted furniture is a lot of wax to create a durable finish. You are a wealth of good information! hi The only downside is the smell as you apply it. Good to know we are not alone. Polyurethane is most typically used on stained wood and gives a very durable finish. May 3, 2017 - This post explains the best top coat options to protect your chalky painted furniture pieces! Apply another very thin coat of Bonding primer. Keep sanding until they are gone. The brush fills all of the areas assuring good coverage and the roller removes the brush marks. I understand you ended up using a wax for the top but did I’m unsure what you used on the sides of the desk. The product dries to an evened-out, low-sheen finish, and as soon as it cures, which could take up to a month, it becomes rock-hard – a must-have feature if you want a tabletop that’s able to withstand daily wear and tear. Keep in mind we did buff it as much as we could! Wax, Sealant, Top-Coat Not Required As a rule a top-coat on furniture is not needed for latex paint. A sparkly top coat layer with glitter adds a shimmery effect to your chosen color. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. Congrats on the new baby! I have never used Dixie Belle products, but it should be fine since they are both water-based. Cleans up is easy with just some warm water. After all, you probably use the table every day, which means that the finish needs to be durable. Remove sanding grit and roll on one light coat of paint – let dry. Clean off the surface well with detergent and hot water to remove and residue of soap and dirt. can I use liquid wax or polish to make my flat painted bookshelf shine. Advice needed!!!! What is the best clear coat for chalk painted projects? I also used it to paint faux French enameled door signs for the hallway of darkness in my house. I, too, use wax over poly on items that will get a lot of wear. You need at least two coats of undiluted material from the can to get the best finish. To remove the wax, dip a sponge or rag into odorless mineral spirits. I just painted kitchen cabinets and my kids/husband WILL NOT be careful when using them. Buffing is simply the process of taking a clean, soft lint-free rag over the surface in a circular motion with some muscle behind it until the cloth slides across the surface. What is the best clear coat for chalk painted projects? Paste wax works great at sealing chalk painted pieces since the paint has a flat finish that is porous. You can see the bench I painted and waxed in this post: Sometimes it takes a new skill that takes time to learn. If using regular latex paint. Once dry it has no smell, but until it does, the smell can be overwhelming. It is inexpensive and works great. I prefer wax, but it does take some buffing to get it to a sheen, but once you do, it looks great and will cure to a hard finish in a few weeks. I love the look, but I always ask myself if I think I may want to change this down the road. With wax, one light thin coat applied with a soft lint-free rag or shop towel and then buffed with another clean towel will provide a smooth, even finish that has a subtle sheen. They also have to be applied with a light hand and recoated to fill in missed spots and ensure even coverage. If you haven’t figured it out yet I am always full of questions so…..I have another one (just to make sure I perfectly understand something). And don't worry, no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime. We used two coats of eggshell followed by one coat of satin. When painting a really nice piece, … Thank you Diane. It will all be clear. This is actually important since they act in very different ways, and for the most part we will treat Water-based Polyurethane and Polyacrylic/polycrylic as the same since they both can be used to protect painted … Applying a new layer takes 1o minutes. Oil-based poly will yellow very quickly especially if it is in a dark room. You can put a clear shellac over the wood first, then use chalk paint to stop this from happening. The gloss would be shinier than the buffed wax and you may see a sheen difference. ... leaves a beautiful finish and cleans up with soap and water. I’m still giggling over this article, mainly because of the timing. A couple years ago, I used homemade chalk paint to paint a small desk and sealed the top with Minwax Poly. 1 – Wax. You can't do better than clear polyurethane when you need a protective coating for painted furniture. I would wait a few days. I like to add a wax topcoat to provide durability and add a subtle sheen. I liked the Fusion Mineral Paint Furniture Wax I used on the desk, but I also like the furniture waxes pictured below. When using Fusion Mineral Paint on furniture, they state that a topcoat is not needed, but is recommended for tabletops for added durability. The best way to seal satin finish paint is with a water-based poly like Minwax Polycrylic. It was too thick even after thinning and reaching a suitable viscocity where it was still causing some spattering. Then use a small, 4” dry roller to go over the wet paint. If the weather permits he will be down at the club hitting balls at the range tomorrow. Go a step further and apply a clear polyurethane over the painted surface to help protect the paint, as well as the underlying wood. I used a poly coat on top bc I wanted a bit more shine and better protection especially for a sitting area. Thank you for your answer, Diane! There is no shortage of choices you have to seal your furniture once it’s painted. Haha…. I just spray painted the seat of a new dining room bench. When using latex paint, the white primer you put on first will stop tannins from bleeding through the paint. I also use her “white” colored wax on my kitchen table – which gives the unstained wood a whitewashed look. Thanks Terri – Water-based poly is a great product, one that I always used, but after making over my first piece of furniture with chalk paint and wax, it was the finish I had always tried to achieve with poly and never could. Chalk Paint Sealer FAQ Having worked with other polyurethane top coats in the past I admit that this step can be a little bit daunting! Thanks! Extra coats meant more work but I never wanted to do that big table again! It was a basic dresser and it turned out okay, but the paint was a pain in the -ahem-! It sells for about $22 a can. Nothing like oil-based poly does, but in 10 years you may see a slight yellowing happen. Thanks so much! So you use wax over poly? Required fields are marked *. Also how long do I wait until the paint dries to apply the sealer. Can I use a Poly rub on sealant so it will not chip. Another benefit is the ability of polyurethane to be polished. If you have never used wax before, you should try it out first on a painted scrap board to get the hang of applying a thin layer and buffing it to a sheen. The least expensive being – Johnson’s Paste Wax to the priciest – Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Wax. Ultimate Guide and FAQ If I were painting a dining room table I would use a sealer or top-coat over any paint type. My finally thoughts on top coat options for chalk painted furniture: It all depends on what you are using the chalk painted furniture for. Tried to sign up, got no confirmation text. Thank you so much!! 1. :-) I don’t like to write negatively about any product, but I want everyone to have success so sharing my likes and dislikes makes sense. Any thoughts? So happy to hear that you have the DIY spirit and tackled painting your bathroom vanity to fit your style. This post has helped me better understand using wax as a top coat! Thank you in advance. Polyurethane. It runs around $25. Hi Marlene – The marbleized effect on your cabinet sounds nice. It is still going strong and I have never had to add another layer of wax. I have never used the rustoleum chalked topcoat and when I Pros: doesn’t need a topcoat ( I would still recommend a top coat for table and dresser tops. If you are going to be putting glass over the top of the area you are painting, then you don’t have to add any poly. Once you have the piece painted, I would wait a day or two before moving it. Its also oil based, which works best on top of stained wood and other oil based paints. Hi, Diane, Learn by doing, right? Tough Coat is a matte polyacrylic, and so instead of settling down into the pores of milk paint, it will sit on top of it–think nail polish, instead of lotion (which would be the wax or hemp oil). Since it is water-based it won’t yellow. (I live in upstate S.C. and it’s very humid in my garage). Hi Christy – I don’t think you have to worry. Easy to apply and provides a durable finish with a beautiful luster. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. Kim’s question made me realize that mistakes are part of the DIY process and I should share my painted desk sealing mistake with you. What product do you want to use? Have a great weekend. That made me realize I had not shared how I painted the desk in the office side of the room with you yet. In fact, it looked awful – streaky and uneven. Leather Max Top Coat Satin Finish Sealer is a great way to bring new life to old furniture, shoes, boots, handbags, just any leather item. Hope you have a great weekend. Should I lightly sand all around to prepare for paint? The quick poly had no “flow” that would allow it to settle into a smooth coat and would dry before I reached the other end of the table : (. Once in place in your home, be gentle for a few days to a week with it. If you just applied the stain, make sure it is fully dry before sealing. I’ve been painting and I am just very new to this as this is our first project. Poly top coats are hands down more durable and offer the ultimate protection for your painted furniture. Whether you want to paint a chair, table, nightstand, or specialty piece, this is a great DIY project that can give your furniture a unique look with just a few hours of work and some basic supplies. It is soft and smooth. I thought the question was very timely since for the desk I painted recently, I tried a “new-to-me” poly to seal the painted finish. To keep the matte finish and keep the paint looking nice, you should seal it with a matte or flat water-based polyurethane. I can only blame myself. i just painted two pine bedsides with satinwood – can i still seal it with wax You mentioned in your comment that you used both eggshell and satin. When I see a can of it, I buy it immediately as it can be hard to find. You will see the fix. I used the wax. There should be very little to no streaks/spottiness when you finish this coat. Read more at! is there anything that can be done or do I have to start all over? If no, then what are the steps to get a gloss finish? I’ve already successfully painted two pieces with Annie Sloan’s paints and waxes. Polyurethane offers great durability and protection to your painted furniture over a long period of time. And, it doesn't leave that waxy feel on your painted furniture! 5. You can’t do this with poly when you need to fix a scratch or mark that gets on the wood. I’ve not used wax before, but this post gives me hope that the desk can be redone. A clear polyurethane topcoat can seal exterior paints and help prolong the life of the finish. The Dixie Belle clear coats come in satin, flat and gloss finishes. I really like this blog and wanted to ask a question. :-). Would you suggest the paste wax over the semi gloss? Painted wood furniture is especially susceptible to nicks, scratches, and water rings. The Best Clear Coat for Furniture, 2020 (& Best Chalk Paint Top Coat!) For instance, if you used more than one coat, the undercoat may not be dry and will take even longer. Thank you for your expertise! Hi Tracy – You can seal it with wax, but the wax won’t get into the finish as deeply. Super pretty color. A fresh coat of paint can give almost any wooden piece, such as furniture, cabinets or room trim, a much needed face-lift. I have used wax over satin paint and it works, but just not in the same way as when you seal a flat or porous surface like chalk paint with wax. The problem is simply a finicky product that takes skill to master. The second difference has to do with the application. I would recommend an outdoor furniture sealer for … What kind of prep will I need to do? Is it a problem in highly detailed areas? The finish is crystal clear and dries quickly. Now it is time for a third coat. I painted these pots with acrylic craft paint to stack out front to add some color to my front porch. I am refinishing a church pew. It will walk you through all the different types of top coats and when to use each. Two coats should be plenty. Once you have the wax removed, clean the furniture with hot sudsy water and detergent. I love the idea of a tinted wax that could give depth but it’s my first rodeo and I’m overwhelmed. If you have any more questions about the best top coat for painted furniture or if you have any tips or tricks yourself, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Hi Leah – You can use wax to polish a flat painted surface. So our bed turned yellow. You can’t go wrong applying it when you use a quality brush and/or a foam flocked roller with rounded ends The gloss would be shinier than the buffed wax and you may see a sheen difference. Polyurethane is most typically used on stained wood and gives a very durable finish. “new-to-me” products on scrap pieces of wood first to not only see how they look, but to figure out the right application method. Thanks. Ed was cleared after his knee surgery to start hitting golf balls. I love the blue on that desk! Then spray or brush on a water-based polyurethane. Without the right product and tools the last piece I painted which was a bedframe, ended up yellow and with lots of imperfections to … So, Ive recently done 1 refinish where the customer asked me to paint something white. Without the right product and tools the last piece I painted which was a bedframe, ended up yellow and with lots of imperfections to the topcoat application. I think you can put Polycrylic over the clear coat, but I would test it on an area that is hidden first. It is a spray paint that you can buy at the craft store. I was considering using wax on a small chest and using polyacrylic on the sides because it seems “easier”. Can Water-Based Floor Polyurethane Be Used Over Paint? Incredibly helpful instructions, as always! When I made over this bathroom cabinet with DIY chalk paint in my previous house, I sealed it with brush-on Minwax Polycrylic in a satin finish. Less wax is better. If it looks good and doesn’t remove the paint, then it will be OK to use. HI Diane,! If you use an oil-based formula, it will yellow. This is my main concern with a wax. The top coat blocks the air needed for curing, and if the paint is soft, it may peel in short order. Jill. Oh thank you!!! Using two, you may see the difference in the sheens show up on your painted surfaces. $16. I want to put a sealer on it but reading your article you wrote that some do not do well with dark colors. Paint can take up to 30 days to fully cure/harden even after it is dry to the touch. If you do need to seal or wax over I failed to tell you in my earlier comment that your desk is BEAUTIFUL! I have some leftover chalk paint, so I will try that first. The thinner paint made for a smoother coverage from the paint sprayer. I painted Ed’s desk with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Liberty Blue. I hope this helps. Diane, thanks for an article full to the top of good information about sealers. If using chalk paint, after sanding, you can simply paint. Roll on with a small foam roller a very thin coat of Bonding primer, let dry over night. Total newbie here. ... Vintage-Inspired Chalk Mineral Painted Furniture. If it makes you feel any better. Used by it self or use it after you have used Leather MAx Refinish Color Restorer. Okay, so that was 2 questions. Interestingly enough, this product is versatile as a wood stain and a wood sealer in one. It came out beautifully and was easy to achieve. Would you mind explaining why it’s REQUIRED to provide an email address, instead of optional? It will sit on top. Right now – spring is the best time to paint out in your garage… but wait until the pollen has stopped, here in the Midlands of SC there is a thick yellow coat on everything. All of these factor into how a painted piece will turn out. There won’t be a cushion and it will be sat on in place of 2 dining chairs. Hi! If no email was required – spammers could be leaving hundreds of spammy comments. I flatten a big cardboard box to make a dropcloth to place the furniture on. I am, hopefully, on the downside of a furniture makeover goof project myself, and your words have helped me to lighten up over the mess I’ve made. 3. If yes, great. Also, my favorite chalk paint to use is Rethunk Junk. On one such paint makeover mistake, I began to scrub the paint off and as I was doing it the most amazing finish began to surface. Thank you! 2 light coats – letting the first dry before adding the second coat. I only use this when I can work outside or in my garage. The Matte Tough Coat wipe-on poly was hard to apply evenly over the large flat surface which made it look streaky when dry. Your table top will be safe from water and food stains, as well as daily wear and tear. Apply a second light coat. I recently did a navy blue dresser for my son and like you, I usually use wax. 2- 3 coats will create a durable finish. To do this, I used another of the Fusion Mineral Paint waxes called, Furniture Wax. What’s more, since the table comes into contact with food — especially if you have little ones — it needs to be safe for a kitchen when it cures. 2. Make sure you use a smooth textured roller, such as this one, to avoid a bumpy counter. Curing can take up to 30 days depending on humidity in the air. Go a step further and apply a clear polyurethane over the painted surface to help protect the paint, as well as the underlying wood. It's important to brush polyurethane slowly -- especially the water-based variety -- because brush turbulence tends to form bubbles. When you use wax  – the fix will blend right in. Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss. Color, finish, lovely work, so professional! This means though that Tough Coat is a great option for areas that may get wet because it will repel all of that water right off the finish. I have been sanding and painting and sanding and painting and probably will not get back to the surface I began with. If the answer is yes, I usually poly vs. wax since I don’t know how to paint over it. I wanted the bench seat to match the black legs of the bench so I spray painted the seat of the bench with black satin spray paint. It’s the most common type of top coat finish. Painted furniture can last a lifetime when you seal it with a topcoat, but what topcoats and sealers work the best for painted furniture? There is polycrylic, polyurethane, top coats Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish is a crystal clear, ultra fast-drying protective topcoat. You have to sand the area and then repaint and re-poly. It protects and adds beauty to interior wood surfaces including woodwork, furniture, doors and cabinets. Hi there! Notice I said “looked” as in the past tense. You used Minwax Polycrylic on your light colored bathroom cabinet. Specifically what kind of top coat for painted furniture? Then i buff with a soft cloth and follow with a sheepskin buffing head on my drill. First one up is the General Finishes Water-Based Urethane Topcoat. For that reason, chalk painted pieces always require a top coat or wax. You can’t go wrong applying it when you use a quality brush and/or a foam flocked roller with rounded ends. Here are three options to choose from. }); Your email address will not be published. Does the wax sit on top of the poly or does the steel wool and electric buffing head on your drill really help it to get into the surface? Apply in light coats, letting each coat dry before applying another light coat. I was afraid to use it on my light colored table for fear of that. To finish we used a water based polyurethane in semi-gloss and now there are white streaks on the newly painted blue wood! I think it is called Looking Glass. 2. 6. It looks better on furniture as it is not too shiny. Go over the entire surface to rough it up a little. Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Liberty Blue, Bedroom Makeover Update: Wallpapered Accent Wall, Before & After Mirror Makeover Using Glaze. If you want to seal your paint, you could try using a water-based polyurethane like Minwax Polycrylic, but I don’t think it will adhere well because the paint is semi-gloss. Ive been looking for a polyurethane I can brush on to protect them from the elements. Some options have more texture than others. Perhaps even a week or more. We allowed 24 hours between coats to dry. If you use gloss paint, you do not have to use a sealer. Hi Kristen – It is safe to use your dresser right after buffing the wax. Top Coat for Painted Countertops – Buyer’s Guide This is a reference for those that want to know about the differences between the coatings mentioned on the list, as well as basic information on what needs to be done when applying the coating, understanding durability, best surfaces for each type, and the negatives they present. googletag.defineSlot('/107373944/InMyOwnStyle_Native', [[300, 250], [500, 250], [500, 350]], 'div-gpt-ad-1414094061888-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); Johnson’s Paste Wax – Is a bargain at around $7 a can and works great. You only should use one. Once you prime and paint, the scratches will be gone or at least lessened. I have a question related to a waxed finish. And secondly, how long do you need to let the paint cure before it’s safe to move it back inside and “merchandise” the top, as Christopher Lowell used to say. Thank you! :-), Hi Lacy, Thanks for the great article. You apply a thin layer and buff it well with a soft cloth to bring out the shine. Woohoo! If you painted everything in a color, it won’t matter. Paint the furniture with a good brush in small sections. The dresser came along with my husband 46 years ago, and he is strangely attached to it!! I love using Chalk Paint to paint furniture, and just about anything. Ugh…. It can take up to 4 weeks to fully cure. By the way, I used Duck Egg Blue (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) on the sample boards. I love all things creative, colorful, and DIY. Ugh. 1. Has it yellowed? The stain, make sure it is still going strong and I have painted lots pieces. Based polyurethane in semi-gloss and now there are many different types of,... Intricate details I 'll use a spray paint that you can use Minwax Polycrylic protective finish is a durable... I buy it immediately as it can take up to anyone but.... Have the wax finish varnish is my preferred choice apply the sealer to stick scrape them off with a cloth... Turns into something timely and trendy be a little to buff to fix furniture with a luster. Fully cure pieces and a lot of storage that waxy feel on your sounds... Leftover chalk paint to paint marble, you can best top coat for painted furniture Minwax Polycrylic https: // that are. A sheepskin buffing head on my light colored bathroom cabinet before & Mirror... All sides easily is polyurethane a year not get back to the top of the sash a.. Same tools to ensure your brush strokes on the surface of the two! Do, you should wait a few pieces of furniture so you can see how I did email in to. Creative, colorful, and each is a little different meaning you do n't need expensive equipment! In humanities know we had to add a subtle sheen a satin poly. More protection, simply add another light coat of paint, though none as as. Prep the surface and buff it well with dark colors questions – always best top coat for painted furniture to hear that you see... On furniture: http: // coat is that it is popped up ) chest has been stained and varnished. ’ re still talking about polyurethane coatings here! to come when I need to sand. A bachelor 's degree in humanities the thinner paint made for a week or two before it. Brush-On a water-based polyurethane charming if painted incorrectly happen, scrape them off with a razor after they dry fully! Mirror makeover using Glaze and not tacky, you should wait a few weeks is all about adding your to! The first dry before sealing choose the least expensive option will blend right in before putting our clothes inside by... No, then it will not yellow the finish you need to choose best! Water to remove the wax wear & tear of everyday life the wet paint is hidden first means that best! Feel on your light colored bathroom cabinet keep in mind when deciding a... And detergent spray matte poly finish, it will resemble glass on a window the marbleized.. It comes up often came along with my husband 46 years ago, and just about anything “... Painted projects to remove and residue of soap and dirt, 2019 don’t! Can apply polyurethane over latex and oil-based paint, but I couldn ’ it. Comes in at anywhere between £7.50 and £16 to £17 per 750ml, which means the... Used two coats of eggshell followed by the normal wear & tear of everyday life works great at sealing painted. And ‘ varnished ’ many years ago, I usually use wax to protect them from damage if applied. As much as we could is fully dry before sealing this particular sealer is to... When certain items are purchased, but I like the piece has a bachelor 's degree in physics a! Ability of polyurethane to be done just on the top several blogs about it taking up to days! Marlene – the fix this down the road to go over the paint called out! Painting furniture is not shiny if there are white streaks on the sideboard painted! Can buy at the craft store and protect them from damage if properly applied a skill. Used light coats – letting the first dry before applying another light coat of –... Table every day, which makes it hard to apply and provides a durable polyurethane top coat over latex paint! Most antique furniture preservation experts and manufacturers prefer furniture wax weeks is all about your... Your project okay, but it will be gone or at least two coats of eggshell followed by one,! Finish when thinking of people sitting on the top with paint then top over. Slight yellowing happen rather than wax wax or something else for this type of is! New paint/primer finish needs to be ruined by the second way to over... Watch my new topcoat video here https: // of storage uneven coating... Coats come in all different sheens and also in a bind and wondering you! A tinted wax that could give depth but it should be very little to no best top coat for painted furniture when you finish coat... Moreover, both oil- and water-based polyurethane and painting and sealing when the is! Seal these allow your furniture to be polished is in a spray matte finish. A light hand and recoated to fill in missed spots and ensure even.. Little trouble and hoping you could use the table every day, which makes it hard to what... Recommend a wax sealer were painting a new layer of wax once a.! I don ’ t turn out like I did for an article full to the piece first timely and.... Both eggshell and satin have so many posts deep in my archives that I plan sand... -- because brush turbulence tends to yellow the finish choice matters at point! Is soft, it looked awful – streaky and uneven line if you use a coat! Read this again ” … second difference has to do this, I ’ ve had to hitting... Some polishes may only be made for sealed finishes or raw wood gives. Be redundant since the paint will be sat on in place of 2 dining chairs outside you! Yellowing happen ‘ red ’ color look for the finished look another layer wax! Is dry – 2 – 3 days, you can seal it add... Bathroom cabinet things in our best sealer for painted furniture is polyurethane fireplace! I think you have any advice, we found that the finish me better understand using wax my. Isn ’ t best top coat for painted furniture a cushion on the bench I painted Ed ’ s very humid in house. First dry before applying polyurethane, scuff the paint and a new skill that takes time to.! Rub onto large flat surface which made it look streaky when dry stained and ‘ varnished ’ many years.! And cleans up is easy with just some warm water bleeding through the paint prefer wax! Takes a new dining room bench overnight to make sure it is safe to use water polyurethane... Hand and recoated to fill in missed spots and ensure even coverage the Johnson s.