I couldnt find any info related to this so I just want to know if there is something wrong with me and my farms or 0 tick farms are disabled from now on. Instead, this crop should be buffed on the pricing side, make the sell price bigger. The Kurgan Aug 6, … 2. The first is about my blitz visit to the Old West Cactus Farm, a cactus nursery I’d found in the yellow pages. Thank you in advance. -Potatoes: This crop should definitely not be buffed in terms of dropping items because that would give it 2 competitors and carrots are basically the same with potatoes. Currently running build 226. They were working fine until last update (1.10.2019). Hoppers do not work on the survival server. If you have ghasts they are worth buying or if you just want to flex you should buy one. It’s located in the northern Phoenix suburb of Anthem, right off Interstate 17. Not on line 26 where you put it manually. Look at line 63 of your paste. I think it's just best if you just look at the picture in the attachment. Have confirmed again that even with fix-zero-tick-instant-grow-farms: false the zero tick farms are just not working. I didn't change anything about it. That's the proper spot. I've gone from y=6 to y=123 and seek to be getting consistent spawns in both places. Build strategy the 5x5 Cactus farm column ?? Not working on 1.13.2 paperMC, Spigot, Bukkit, tho i'm not claiming it should work, since is only bin tested with 1.14.4 and support 1.14.4 acording to the plugin information Sep 11, 2019 VozikCZE It makes more sense to start with a system that requires maintenance, but that not being where it ends. Otherwise getting half a stack of berries, stone fruit and cactus once a season with little effort will always be more used than entire season spent on farming to get you a stack or two of every farm crop because of low maintenance. 14. Please fix this! Seems to not be working for current stable patch 0.97.6 where all the farms still cost quite a lot of recourses (like a small farm 10 wheat, cacti, hemp, riceweed or cotton). In survival mode i made a cactus farm it worked in 0.6.1 but now it does not work in 0.7.0 even though there is a block right next to it. So Ive had few 0 tick cactus/bamboo farms on my minehut server. Here's the paper.yml, just in case I'm putting the config in the wrong place. it did not work but it was just there. I don’t how Old West Cactus Farm stacks up against the other nurseries in the area, but I … I'm trying to build a cactus farm and use hoppers to collect the cactus, but the cactus simply floats and bounces above the hopper. Please fix this, as hoppers are one of the main reasons I play Minecraft because of this things I can build with them and use them for. Make sure you fix it before 0.8.0. So I was working on a cactus farm in my creative world today and just happened to notice that the dark room spawner seems to be working now. I know back in map 3 I made a cactus farm and it was funny xD. #284 opened Oct 11, 2019 by ... /minebot get not working #266 opened Jan 4, 2019 by diamkil. Interestingly it doesn't seem to matter what y level I'm at. Is there a way to make my bot sell cactus #265 opened Jan 4, 2019 by diamkil.