DON'T BE CHEAP WITH IT!!! Really, These are Steam walkers. -Leveling from Level 60-70, which is regularly hard for AoErs becomes easy because most plvlers will be fighting in Azria, which gives more exp than normal monsters. But most of all, he gives you 90% EXP at level 45! Now, go to pranksters. The items that you start off with are a full cotton set of clothing, a practice sword, 1 biscuit, 3 lollipops, and something else that I might have forgotten. Kill one and you will level to approximately 5. Once done, your monster will be targeted. With this build and maxed Cannon Ball you will reach the first Axe speed break at 53 DEX. We'll proceed as follows: So continue to kill level 17-25's and reach level 20. Now we just need to repeat the process until we become Heroes! You’ll want to stick to monsters no more than 9 levels higher than you. From now on, things will be a lot simpler, with less traveling, and earning a lot more money! This is not the be all and end all of how you should level your bow acro. By now you should have decided to what you want to become in Flyff. An easy way to increase your flying level is to look at the monster in the air, press TAB. In this part we'll begin by killing a few aibatts so we reach level 2 and receive our welcome package! First Tier (level 1-15) Second Tier (level 15-60) Third Tier (level 60-120) Vagrant - Close combat character with attack skills. Reaching level 130, we'll have become Legends! level 49 - 53: hunt Steamwalker 3. It's called missing play script. The four Stats used in FLyFF are STR = Strength, STA = Stamina, DEX = Dexterity and INT = Intelligence. Making our leveling a lot easier. A guide to start your journey on Eclipse FlyFF. Last part, the end of this journey... or is it? This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while He gives you a tip on where someone might be with it. 1. 5. Heirloom gear scales with your current level, so its a lot easier to keep your alt's leveling gear updated! Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 1 by regaxion. They are fighters and have a nice versability. Next at level 5-10 you should attack Demain Urchains, or pukepukes. Level 30-40 level 82 - 89 hunt Hague but i can’t find anything telling me what skills to max. Lets begin... The city your character first starts in is called Flaris. With every level you will receive Stat and Skill points. Flyff project M v7 is really confusing, coming from a pserver player. level 121 - 124: hunt Dire razor After you are done killing them, move on to the different types of Basques. Thats a lot of time for you to get your friends and hunt him! level 30 - 34: hunt Hobo level 112 - 115~ hunt Asuras, Now we can decide if we want to keep leveling up at Tower until 120, or we can go to Traseia, to do that we'll need to buy the ticket from the premium npc in flaris. 120 and up receive 3 Stat points. To avoid losing everything when we get killed, its necessary to store our items in the bank, that's the only safe spot. So, your level 15 and you want to know what to kill, rather you should kill Feferns still or go on to those weird named Sleaze cats (Nyangnangs). Uses Swords, Axes and Shields., Hello everyone! LEVELING GUIDE. Now we'll have concluded this part of the guide, becoming Masters! Normally players do not include the skill build when discussing builds. Begin killing Lenya's. If you are a mage, then you kill things a lot quicker and you attack stronger. This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while, (For this zone we recommend a set +10 at least and decent awakes because these creatures can hit hard), If you have any problem or suggestion please let us know :). With the stick you can heal/buff others or yourself (surprisingly, not a lot of people knew you could buff yourself.) While fighting 2 or 3 levels above your own may give you more EXP points the Dropped Items are better when fighting your own level. For other classes you can then press Z key. Assists - The assist trainer is in Flaris and should be easy to find. Now we can already go to the next zone! If you have buffs, or a party, then you can go kill bangs, boss bangs, or mutants. 6. Yes, you heard me. (attack - Fast - Very fast. You die too much at level 59 killing cranes. They can be both AoE and 1v1 and they can do both effectively. level 5 - 9: hunt doridomas Get the buffs from Buff Pang, next to the Bank. A lot of times you don't know a lot of assists that can stay with you and that keep buffing you.